Parent Training

ACI Learning Centers utilizes evidence-based research and treatment approaches for every student. One of the most important aspects in learning is ensuring that these skills generalize to multiple settings, in particular the home and school. Each of our centers provides extensive parent training and observation opportunities to promote generalization of skills taught at ACI.

Each of our families is encouraged to attend a session at ACI Learning Centers once per week for one hour. These one hour sessions each week are designed to keep the clinical director informed of concerns or problems at home or in other settings, and also allow parents an opportunity to see how an applied behavior analysis session is run, as well as participate in a therapy session. Our families learn the principles of behavior analysis, how to teach each of the skills for their student, as well as how to run a therapy session at home. This allows for maximum generalization of skills outside of ACI Learning Centers.

In addition to the one-hour parent training sessions once per week, ACI encourages every family member to arrive at the center approximately fifteen minutes early in order to hear about his or her child’s day. During this time the therapist will review the day’s events, including all data collected during the day. This better allows families to stay updated as to programming, goals, and successes of the student while attending an ACI Learning Center.

ACI Learning Centers also provides a wealth of information for our families in a variety of other ways. We provide community events such as a summer picnic, a sensory friendly Santa event for the winter holidays, as well as carnivals and other events. These events encourage our families to make connections and socially engage with other parents and their children, ask questions, and learn about additional ways ACI can help in the home. Our Learning Centers also provide quarterly parent training meetings. These parent trainings occur after session and provide information on many different topics from toilet training, to food concerns, and the IEP process. These trainings are a wonderful way to get more involved, get more information, and be a better advocate for your child.

Parents’ involvement is key to each of our students’ success. We plan for generalization and teach our parents and other caregivers and professionals how to set up all environments so the child can continue and expand his learning. With the extensive parent training opportunities that ACI provides, parents are able to enhance their own learning on how to ‘bring out the best’ in their child across all environments. Learning never stops and we work collaboratively to ensure success!

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