Consultation Training

ACI Learning Centers’ BCBAs provide a full range of home and school-based consultations and trainings to school districts, including special and regular education teachers, private agencies, parent organizations, families, and individuals. Trainings are tailored for the specific audience. Presentations are conducted in a hands-on manner, facilitating the application of the concepts into practice.

Possible topics:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Verbal Behavior Analysis
  • Conducting  assessments (VB-MAPP and ABLLS™-R)
  • Setting up verbal behavior classrooms and in-home programs
  • Conducting functional analyses
  • Challenging behaviors and appropriate interventions
  • Teaching play skills using the ACI Play Protocol and PlayTubs™
  • Verbal Behavior Analysis Teaching and Tracking (VBATT) Program
  • Developing a VB program utilizing the ABLLS™-R Data and Task

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