ACI Learning Center

Our Facility and Accommodations

Every child who walks through the doors of an ACI Learning Center is welcomed with a warm smile! Entrances and facilities at all ACI Learning Centers are wheelchair friendly and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. We care about every individual and ensure that the transition from transport to the front door of our learning center is barrier free and easily accessible.

The ratio of therapist to student is one-to-one. Each student receives the focused attention of ACI’s trained staff. Working alongside each therapist is a team of BCBA’s (Board Certified Behavior Analysts). When the student arrives at an ACI Learning Center, they are greeted by their therapist for that day. They are assigned their own personal cubby, where they can store their personal belongings: jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes and other items. We teach personal organizational skills so that the child can learn to be independent.

After the student has settled in, they head to the activity room where they work with their therapist on a variety of fun activities to increase their communication skills. Activities might include: socio-dramatic play, bike riding, jumping on the trampoline or playing in the huge ball pit, and many more exciting independent leisure skills. Activities are designed to be highly preferred reinforcers and enable us to engage the student in naturalistic teaching moments. Learning opportunities are embedded into every day fun play and activities and allow the therapist to utilize individual preferences for a variety of activities.

Each day the students at ACI focus their time between Intensive Teaching Trials or ITT and Natural Environment Training (NET). These tasks focus on the specific skills that a student needs to develop, and encourage learning in a more natural fashion.

When do we eat?
All ACI Learning Centers are equipped with either a full kitchen or a kitchenette. To ensure every individual’s specific dietary needs are met each Learning Center communicates directly with parents about food allergies and other food related issues. Snack times and lunch times are prescheduled throughout the day to encourage not only eating with friends, but also socializing amongst groups of peers. These times also allows staff members to focus on specific food sensitivities that the students may have.

Emergency Protocol and Inclement Weather
ACI Learning Centers understands that “being prepared” is an incredibly important and required component of working with children. Every facility conducts fire drills for preparedness, and depending on the location of the facility severe weather and/or tornado drills. In the event of severe weather, ACI Learning Centers notifies parents about center closings and delays.

If a student requires medication during their time at ACI, a written protocol is designed to ensure that the student is provided their medication at specific times during the day. Our Learning Centers are able to dispense prescribed and over the counter medications with parental written consent and/or paperwork from the student’s physician. If your child needs medication throughout the day, please contact your ACI Learning Centers for more information.

Drop-Offs, Pick-Ups and Schedules
Each center has specific drop-off and pick-up times for students based on a preset schedule. These drop-off and pick-up times encourage consistency in therapy and ensure that students are able to maximize their time at ACI Learning Centers. Each student is given a specific schedule for days and times they attend ACI. These times are designed to maximize staff availability and also allow consistency in scheduling other students.

Field Trips & Off-Site Adventures
In addition to daily learning, ACI realizes it is important to expose children to the real world, helping them to thrive in situations outside of the learning center and at home. Field Trips and Off-Site Adventures are a wonderful way to reinforce life skills, provide additional naturalistic learning opportunities, and generalize skills to a variety of settings. Depending on the season, ACI Learning Centers will make available optional trips to petting zoos, ball fields, movie theaters, put-put golf, bowling, and more.

Out facilities are designed from the ground up to maximize learning opportunities, embed reinforcement, encourage social interaction, and ensure that each student is having a blast learning!