Military Families

ACI Learning Centers proudly supports our active and retired military personnel who have children on the autism spectrum. Through several different programs funded through Tricare, including the autism demonstration ECHO program, BASIC benefit, and the Pilot benefit, families are able to receive the services and support for their children that they need. These services provide an outstanding benefit, with access to premier applied behavior analysis (ABA) services, parent training, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for programming oversight, as well as expertise for home and community supports.

Included in the Tricare benefit program are the following:

• Autism Demonstration and ECHO – for active duty families, this program provides funding and services for children with a yearly cap of $36,000 per fiscal year. The fiscal year runs October to September.

• Pilot Program – for retired military families, this program is similar to the Autism Demonstration and ECHO program but is designed for retired military families.

• Basic Benefit – a part of both active and retired military benefits, this program provides services for individuals with more challenging behaviors and includes working directly with a BCBA.

At ACI we have extensive experience with many of the programs Tricare offers and are here to help and support families through the enrollment process. We have staffed specifically trained to assist with the paperwork needed to enroll in these programs and begin services at ACI Learning Centers.

We encourage you to reach out to us for help and support in navigating the Tricare programs, enrolling in any of the benefits and getting started at any of our ACI Learning Centers.

To contact TRICARE ECHO please call:
TRICARE West (Kansas and Colorado): 1.877.988.9378
TRICARE South Region (Oklahoma and Texas): 1.800.444.5445 ext. 2867