For Parents


Does my child have to have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis to attend ACI Learning Center?
No, ACI services individuals with any developmental disability, language delay or with challenging behaviors.

How much do your services cost?
Please contact ACI at 800.345.0448 to learn more about funding options.

How many hours per week are recommended?
Each individual will be assessed to determine their emerging skill levels across all learning domains, particularly language, and challenging behaviors to determine the recommended frequency per week for attendance.

How long do children attend Autism Concepts?
The emerging skill level of the child across all learning domains, particularly language, numbers of hours and days attended, and challenging behaviors help to determine the length of attendance at Autism Concepts.

What ages of children do you work with?
We work with individuals from infancy through young adulthood.

Do you work with children with other learning delays?
ABA is effective for individuals with any developmental delay.

What are the qualifications of the staff?
Most of the staff members have BA in behavioral sciences, psychology, special education, social work, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, and elementary education. Other staff members are currently working towards a degree in a related field.

Does insurance cover the costs?
We have been successful in receiving coverage for ABA. Each provider and policy differs.  There are currently 19 states with an insurance mandate. Our human resource department can assist parents through this complicated fact-finding process.

Do you accept Medicaid?
At the current time, we are unable to bill for ABA through Medicaid.

Are there tuition scholarships?
We are a private agency, therefore we are not able to offer tuition scholarships at the current time.

What type of training do parents receive?
Parents are encouraged to make weekly appointments to observe their child’s sessions and train with our BCBAs.

Do you recommend biomedical interventions?
We encourage our parents to review the scientific literature for evidence of efficacy for the intended treatment. Please review a summary of interventions available at