About ACI

ACI Learning Centers’ origin was parent-driven out a need for quality applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in the Kansas City area. Nancy Champlin, BCBA, responded to this need by starting a center-based program offering behaviorally-based social skills groups for preschool age children in 2002. Immediately, http://resume-for-you.com parents observed the tremendous benefits of a center-based facility and ACI has been helping children, young adults and their families ever since!

One of the reasons ACI stands out above other ABA providers, is Ms. Champlin’s ongoing commitment to providing exemplary services for the individuals and families ACI serves. Once other professionals learned of Nancy’s vision, ACI was able to expand services across the nation. ACI is proud to have a team of professionals who are life-long learners, impassioned to providing cutting-edge, emperically-based services.

ACI Learning Centers are leaders in the ABA field by providing quality services for children with autism, family members and other professionals. ACI offers highly-trained therapists who provide one-to-one sessions, extensive availability of required materials, increased opportunities for social interactions with same-age peers, weekly parent observations, monthly parent trainings, consultations for challenging behaviors occurring at home, and a licensed psychologist on staff for diagnostics and extensive parent trainings.